Cougar Bait

Cougar Bait, who began in early 2009, has established themselves as one of Boston's most exciting live acts. Blending rock, funk, electronica, dance and even dub, Cougar Bait has deleoped a sound that is all their own. Marke Kaye of Hear Now Live says, "Every once in a while I get to work with a band that defies genre and pushes the envelope the way that Cougar Bait did tonight... A cross between Gentlemen Hall and Dopapod, but all Cougar Bait... I have seen the future of music." On June 10th Cougar Bait captured the 2012 Worcester "More Than Just a Battle of the Bands" held at Tammany Hall along with a $5000 recording and video package. They lead all other artists with five 2012 nominations in the Worcester Music Awards including Best CD, and Best Up and Coming Artist. The band is currently on their 2012 "Lovecraft Tour" and are headlining clubs from Portland to Providence and all points in between. Lead by the 6'8" Chest Rockwell on lead vocals, guitar, and synth, Rod hamilton on lead guitar, CT Luscious on drums, and Buck Strokem on bass, Cougar Bait has been called "Massachusetts' most notorious new band" by Pulse magazine and Unregular Radio states, "Their vibe has a glam funk pulse with a classic rock drive." Daughters, lock up your Mothers; this is Cougar Bait!

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