About Ryan

Our son, Ryan Joseph Lariviere was born May 19, 1981 and passed away May 2, 2003, after an extended stay at Massachusetts General Hospital following an automobile accident on March 26, 2003.

Ryan was our only child, and we would very much like to keep his memory alive through some kind of activity that embodies him and his passions.

Ryan playing on the flagpole at the Camp Ryan had three primary interests: music, fitness, and cars. We wish to honor his memory by promoting fitness and music.

Ryan began lifting weights at the early age of eight and remained dedicated to that sport to the day of his accident. In fact, he was on his way back to The Powerhouse Gym in Plymouth, where he worked as a Personal Trainer, after having lunch with his mother, when he had his fateful accident. At the peak of Ryan’s athletic abilities, he was bench-pressing 435 lbs. and lateral pressing in sets of 500 lbs. while, weighing only 198 lbs.

Ryan’s love for music was evident throughout his childhood but blossomed at the age of 12 when he received his first bass guitar. He taught himself how to play so he could join with friends in forming a band. Ryan quickly expanded his interests to guitar and then piano – again totally self-taught. Ryan also displayed his talents in mixing and producing his own music when he was only 15, presenting his mom with a full cassette of his own original songs for her 40th birthday. Ryan recorded his first song in a professional studio on his 16th Birthday. He wrote and played all the instruments (except for drums) for "Come Join the Fun". In 2002 Ryan had the opportunity to visit our friend, Garth Hudson, a member of the "The Band". Pictured above, Ryan  plays at Garth's studio in Woodstock, NY.

Ryan played in a few bands but, in his junior year of high school, Ryan was truly on his way to achieving his goal when he joined a group of musicians from Holliston, MA. These four self-taught musicians formed the band “dismal.” Together with dismal, Ryan performed at numerous venues, including a “ Battle of the Bands” at the Worcester Palladium, where the band was selected as one of the top three bands. The songs of “dismal” have been played numerous times on local radio stations, such as WAAF (107.3) and WPXC (102.9). Individually, Ryan has authored countless original songs and holds copyrights to several dozen songs. "dismal" went on to release two CD's, the last of which was named "The Privilege of Breathing" recorded at Axis Audio in Barnstable, MA.

Ryan received his training certificate in record time so that he could work doing something he loved. In honor of Ryan's dedication to weight lifting and personal fitness most of his life, The Powerhouse Gym dedicated the Children's Center to Ryan back in November 2003 and it is now called "Ryan's Room." The sign above the center was designed by Danielle Tarlow, Ryan's girlfriend, carved by Vic Nordberg, assembled and painted by the Gilmore Family. Incorporated into the sign is one of Ryan's guitars and a set of weights. It's a wonderful reminder of his passion for music and body building. As always, The Powerhouse Gym is to be thanked for giving us the opportunity to memorialize our son in such a thoughtful way.

Ryan was loved by so many people, and the outpouring of love and support has been boundless and evident in all the prayers, cards, e-mails and donations. It is through this Fund that Ryan's legacy continues. The goals Ryan had set for himself will be achieved by someone who demonstrates Ryan's ambition and love for music. But we need people like you to make it happen. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution, please make your checks out to:

The Ryan J. Lariviere Memorial Fund
52 R Island Lake Road
Plymouth, MA 02360

We sincerely thank each of you,
The Larivieres
Rick, Marie and our angel, Ryan