Your Aftermark is what you leave behind in someone's mind. -- Your Aftermark can be the result of your death or just an everyday departure. -- Hope your Aftermark leaves a good impression in the tides of time.
~~~~~ by Ryan Lariviere, copyright 1998 ~~~~~

About the Fund

Mission Statement
The RJL Memorial Fund was established in 2003 and honors the life, talent, and musical passion of Ryan J. Lariviere. The Fund provides financial and professional assistance to deserving original artists whose musical talents and ideologies reflect those of Ryan's. The Fund awards financial and promotional assistance in recording, producing, replicating and distributing a professionally illustrated and packed demo CD to the grand prize winner.

About the Fund
After a grueling thirty-eight days at the Massachusetts General Hospital, 21-year-old singer songwriter Ryan Lariviere lost his life. Ryan’s parents, Rick and Marie, knew instantly that they had to ensure that the memory of their only child would live on and it was through his passion for music and the desire to benefit others who shared that same passion that the Memorial Fund was created.

“Aftermark” is a poem that was written by Ryan in his junior year of high school. His parents used this as their inspirational seed to create a fund to help support dedicated young musicians, like Ryan and his band, "Dismal". And so it all began. Their seed took hold and sprouted its firmly grounded roots during Ryan’s Memorial Service. In lieu of flowers, donations from family and friends were offered to initiate the first steps for the newly established fund, The Ryan J. Lariviere Memorial Fund. Bearing in mind that Ryan’s largest audience and most thrilling event of his music career was a Battle of the Bands, the vision was established to develop a similar venue for the mission of the fund. Within weeks of Ryan’s passing, the proper legal papers were submitted and eventually the Fund was registered as a 501(c) (3) charity.

Six months later, the first of two very successful fund-raising golf tournaments took place and it was time to bring the vision of the fund to the stage. Keeping all the important elements that "Dismal’s" music and the band were about ultimately helped to developed the criteria for the Battle. The members of "Dismal" were very dedicated to each other and their music. The band had found that special sound that they could only make together while in high school and then college.

They had an intense desire to write and produce original music and they continued to write and play music throughout their college years. "Dismal"; with band members, Geoff, Mike, Brandon and Ryan became Rick and Marie’s own private passion, as well as their extended family. They gave the band the funds necessary to record their last CD, “The Privilege of Breathing”, which was released in 2002. Although the loss of their band mate was overwhelming, the band continued to play together for another two years and to this day, the band continues to play and is featured at each battle.

The surviving members of the band wanted to do something to help support the Fund and Ryan’s Aftermark. Knowing intimately the style of music that would have touched Ryan, Rick and Marie ask Ryan's band mates to judge the submissions each year and select the semifinalists that compete in the annual Battle of the Bands. These bands perform at the Battle and have the chance to win the grand prize of recording/mixing, mastering and illustrating a demo CD. In short, this is the kind of support that Ryan and his band needed so desperately to make it to the next level. On July 22, 2005 the first annual Ryan J. Lariviere Memorial Fund “ Battle of the Bands” was underway.

With the overwhelming support of all our volunteers, and in the blistering heat of a packed venue, the vision unfolded on the stage, as Susanne Tonaire introduced the mission of the Fund and the total prize package, which was worth over $10,000. The night was electrifying. An outside, independent panel of judges, with years of combined musical talents and backgrounds, choose a Boston based band, Black Betty and the Bad Habits, as the grand prize winner. As part of the prize package, Rick and Marie invite the winning bands to spend time with them at their summer residence in Cedarville, lovingly referred to as “The Camp.” This is the same place where Ryan and his band spent their downtime while recording their CD.

Black Betty and the Bad Habits stayed with Rick and Marie at The Camp while they recorded “Voodoo Man” and went on to release their CD, in April 2006. The winners from the 2006 Battle of the Bands, 3rd Left, recorded their album live at the 2007 “Battle of the Bands” at Memorial Hall in Plymouth, MA and their album appropriately titled “Live at Memorial Hall” was released in April 2008. The winner of the 2007 Battle of the Bands, The Rob Benton Band, on behalf of the Fund, was invited to play at the Hard Rock Café in Boston as an opening act for the headliner, Bang Camaro. The Rob Benton Band released their new CD "Dawn Meets Day" in 2008. The 2008 Battle of the Bands Grand Prize Winners, Prospect Hill, released their self titled CD on September 25, 2009 and since gone one to sign with Carved Records.

The RJL Memorial Fund "Battle of the Bands" has repeatedly been referred to by the bands, audiences, judges, volunteers and our emcee, Suzanne Tonaire, as the most professionally staged venue of its kind. On November 21, 2009 the fund celebrated their 5th anniversary by hosting a "Reloaded" show. All past Grand Prize Winners were invited back to play an encore show at Showcase Live. Located at Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, Showcase Live offers a first-class, state-of-the art entertainment venue designed to provide the finest experience in live entertainment - and it delivers! The Reloaded show featured, Black Betty, 3rd Left, The Rob Benton Band, Prospect Hill, and a special "Trustee Invite" performance by Final Hour. The "Reloaded" show was a celebration of dedication by musicians, friends, family and truly an Aftermark that Ryan would be very proud of.

Fund Receives 2007 Daniel J. Orjiako Award
The Fund not only inspires Rick and Marie, it actually consumes them. They have had the pleasure of being recognized in 2007 by the Daniel J. Orjiako Foundation for their efforts in helping young musicians further their musical dreams. With each passing year, the Fund garners more and more opportunities to strengthen and identify itself as more than just a typical Battle of the Bands. These battles offer a far more intimate feeling than others, as those involved are overwhelmingly struck by the fact that, if not for the loss of Ryan, they would never have been afforded this unique opportunity to bring their own vision to life.

2011 Battle 
Last year The Fund was excited to announce that we were back at Showcase Live but with another twist. We were extremely proud and honored to announce the addition of a special guest at that year’s Battle: Siobhan Magnus, a finalist in the 2009 season of American Idol. Siobhan performed as the Headliner with her band, Lunar Valve and sat on the panel of Judges to determine the Grand Prize Winner.

2011 Theme
"Pay It Forward" is used to describe the concept of asking that a good turn be repaid by having it done to another instead.

The theme for the 2011 Battle of the Bands was “Pay It Forward.” the Fund would like to acknowledge its volunteers, sponsors, judges, family and dear friends who were part of the “Pay It Forward." Because of their past participation, they were invited to participate in the process of nominating deserving musicians the opportunity to benefit from all that The Fund offers. The eight semi-finalists were chosen for the battle. Congratulations to our winner Dear Havanah and our semi-finalists, Delta Generators, DeadFish, Mindwalk Blvd, One Step Away, Thurkills Vision and SEXCoffee.

Two golf tournaments, five Battles of the Bands, and a growing number of people supporting the Fund validates that Ryan’s Aftermark has indeed left a good impression in the tides of time.