Andrew Ianniello

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Andrew Ianniello’s musical calling begun as a band manager in New York and continued in the New England Area where he has spent over two decades devoted to music and the arts. Andy brought his passion for music, talent as a gifted drummer, along with his insight and experience as a manager to Cape Cod which resulted in the formation of phenomenal bands. He was a founding member of the iconic bands; 57 Heavy, Old Moon Dog and recently the Woodstock tribute band Groovy Afternoon. Andy has played with Pellons, PigNut, The Average Mammals and The George Gritzbach Blues Band.

As founder and publisher of the online magazine and website, Ianniello is dedicated to increasing the visibility of the vast wealth of creativity that is naturally cultured on Cape Cod. The mission of this endeavor is to promote the many mediums of art and culture that are inherent and thriving on Cape Cod & the Islands.

Andy is also an advocate for the recovery from substance and alcohol abuse with a special interest in fellow musicians and artists.

Andy’s proclivity for the arts is clearly present in Groovy Afternoon. By using multimedia and theatrical elements, in a performance at The Cotuit Center for the Arts, Andy together with critically acclaimed rock vocalist Christine Mascott, guitarist Paul Mascott, Steve Restaino on bass, Dan Lyons on keyboard and guitar and Kat Jones on percussion, this band well pleased the artistic senses of their audience and showcased the indisputable creative gifts of this ensemble. Former Stryper bassist and currently on tour with the band Boston, the gifted Tracie Ferrie was Groovy Afternoon’s original bassist.

The formation of the band, Old Moon Dog, was a collaboration between singer/songwriter Brendan Princi, Mike Preston and his beloved nephew, the late Michael Ianniello. Referring to Andy Ianniello, Caitlin Russell, contributing writer for Cape Cod Online wrote; “He’s the bedrock of the band due to his professionalism and experience…drumming seems to be the engine that powers each song. He is also one of his nephew's biggest supporters; having bought him his first Fender when Michael was 12…they play with a visceral and contagious energy.”

The RJL Memorial Fund, Battle of the Bands 2012 is dedicated to Michael Ianniello as a tribute to the compelling Aftermark that Michael Ianniello left to the community and to keep present the gift he left to us which transcends his mortality; the inextinguishable torch of his gift… music. We are honored to have his uncle Andrew Ianniello on our judges’ bench. May Michael smile upon us all that day and be with us in spirit!